Sunday, 4 December 2016

I think Winter is Coming.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I have lived my entire life in Western Canada (except Manitoba).  One would think I would be used to winter and be ready for it.......nope.......never....  It's COLD out there.

I made an egg bake and a serving of hashbrowns for breakfast this morning.  It was warm and delicious:

Then we watched a Christmas movie on the tele.

After lunch I started on one of the quilting projects that I picked up at the 4 Paws Quilting sale yesterday.  It is a panel that has cut outs to make the quilt 3 D.  There are probably several ways to do the cut outs, but I chose to cut the pieces with about a 1/4" border and press the border back:

Then I placed the tree shape on my batting and cut along the edges of half of the tree.  When I was done that I shifted 1/4" the entire tree cut out and cut the batting along the other side of the tree so that the batting would fit inside my folded edges:

I pressed all the edges down once again and then placed on the panel and appliqued around the entire tree:

TAH DAH a puffy tree on the quilt panel!

Then I decided I need a quilting break and my son, his dog and I took a walk down to the River Valley.  Not too long into our walk it started snowing:

It was a creepy feeling crossing the bridge today as we could hear the ice flows getting split as they came in contact with the bridge pillars 😓😓😓

The snow was starting to stick to the trails and drift by the time we crossed the bridge.

On the way back we could no longer see down town!  By the time we got back to the house the wind and snow were almost like blizzard conditions!!  I HATE winter.  Seriously.

After dinner we put the last few ornaments on the Christmas Tree and put the boxes back in the cupboard.  The last 2 ornaments to go on my tree:  

These two ornaments are the last two to go on every year because they require a special spot.  The Snowflake is an ornament that was made by a Grandmother of a patient that I looked after on ECMO fifteen years ago.  During her time on ECMO her Grandmother made these snowflakes for each of us to remember Bethany.  Bethany was originally from Nova Scotia.  I was given the Nova Scotia Angel by my mother in law who has now also crossed over.  I keep these two ornaments together so that the Angel is able to watch over the snowflake.  It makes me happy that way and it feels right.  

Now it's time to get prepared for tomorrow and maybe get some sleep.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Saturday Adventures

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today I went and did some Christmas shopping (for me) and some Christmas visiting with friends and neighbours.  My friend and neighbor Sharon had a Pop Up Quilt Shop at her house along with her long arming 4 Paws Quilting.

I made some Christmas cards for her earlier in the week and last night I stamped her shopping bags:

I thought and so did everyone else that these cards and bags with the dog theme were really neat ☺

This evening after dinner my son and I watched the marathon of Home Alone movies and I knit on my Reyna Shawl:

I am using one of my Sock of the Month yarns from Sweet Georgia Yarns.  I am not sure which month this came from because I put the tag in the recycling bag before taking note of the information ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Friday, 2 December 2016

It's Friday!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today I got into all sorts of crafty activities!

I white washed half a wooden box.

I knit a few rows on each of the three pairs of socks I have cast on right now.

I knit a few rows on the three different shawls that I have cast on.

I started cutting more paper for some Christmas cards I am making.

I made two packages for a modified Advent Calender for a quilting friend of mine:

I used Designer Series Paper (retired/expired Stampin' Up), my Advent Stamp Set (retired/expired Stampin' Up), a package of tags that I found and left over red yarn from some fingerless mittens I knit last winer!

I was pretty excited about how these turned out!

This evening I did a couple of baking things for the 4 Paws Pop Up Quilt Shop tomorrow afternoon:

Skor Bar Square with frosting (had some recently without frosting - just not as good)

Drop Sugar Cookies with Christmas sprinkles!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Thursday, 1 December 2016

4 Paws Christmas Cards

Good Evening Internet Friends!

It's finally my version of the weekend!!!

This evening after dinner and getting my son to bed I spent a bit of time in my craft room.

As of now I have made 16 Christmas cards for my friend and neighbor Sharon of 4 Paws Quilting to include in her Christmas orders and at her sale this weekend:

I had a lot of fun making these cards!

Might get me motivated to get started on my own Christmas cards soon ☺

After making the cards I decided to make another Scandi 3 Quilt Block.  Meet Block 13:

TAH DAH!!!!   

Feeling somewhat accomplished for tonight.  Now to do a bit of knitting and then off to bed as tomorrow is a long day or errands.  

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

It's Snowing!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

After dinner and piano lessons this evening my son and I stopped by the library.  By the time we came out it was SNOWING!

Yes, I am probably the only person excited about snow right now, but seriously, this is Western Canada and almost December and there is no snow on the ground and the temperature has not been below - 6 C (21 Fahrenheit).

After getting all the household chores done and preparation for lunches and clothing for tomorrow I took five (okay maybe seven) minutes to myself in my craft room!

Since there appears to be snow outside I decided to make snowball blocks for a quilt panel that I should have finished a while ago.....

Fourteen more of each of these and I can sort of start the assembly....still not sure how exactly I am going to do the panel.....but inspiration will hopefully come sometime before Friday evening.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Monday, 28 November 2016

Block 12!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Back to work today and it seemed even more busy than a Monday should have!  Monday is usually my busiest day due to being off most Friday's, but today was non stop!!

Home for dinner and then off to Boy Scouts.  Returning home it was time for home work, piano practice, laundry etc. etc. etc......

Once I got my son settled into bed I decided that the rest of the chores could wait until tomorrow and I would spend some time in my craft room. ☺

Meet Block 12 of the Scandi 3 quilt that I am making:

This is a quilt kit that I purchased through my friend and neighbor Sharon of 4 Paws Quilting.  I think I'm pretty fortunate to have a friend to do my long arming, but now that she has expanded from selling backings to fabric as well as I may never have to leave home.........!!!  Except for work to pay for my hobby ☺

If you are in the Edmonton area this weekend check out 4 Paws Quilting's Pop Up Quilt Shop on Saturday December 03, 2016.  I know I will be there early cause I may have seen the courier dropping off some really big boxes today on my way home.....☺

Now to retire for the evening with my knitting and see if I can get some sleep ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Sunday, 27 November 2016


Good Evening Internet Friends!

It is officially the start of the Christmas Season in Kathy's world.  I LOVE Christmas.  It is my absolute favorite holiday.  

Yesterday while kiddo and I were out we discovered what I think are the MOST beautiful poinsettia plants.  You may remember that my son used to sell poinsettia's as a school fundraiser.  Each year our close friends would always receive one of these as their Christmas present from our family.  My son no longer attends that school, but every year I still keep the tradition of the poinsettia gift going.

This year I decided that I would not only gift these to the usual poinsettia gift friends, but also my friends who have been there for me over a very difficult time in my life.  Not only did these friends all receive a poinsettia, they all received a poinsettia in a Kathy color and with GLITTER!!!!!

This is my poinsettia on the dining table!  I LOVE the color!

Now for gifting it to the friends I wanted them to know that not only was this a gift like previous years.  It was also a Thank You for how truly grateful I am to all of them for the support they have been over the last year.  That meant I needed to make a card.  Don't get me wrong....I have made a few cards over the last year just because I had to, but today was different.  I wanted to make these cards.

Here is the card I made:

I had so much fun making this card and even remembered why I used to like making cards ☺ Plus I got to use glitter .....

The last card and poinsettia was delivered this afternoon to a friend and colleague of mine who has been encouraging me to join a women's group that she belongs to.  For that I am truly grateful.  I met a fabulous group of women, who truly care for, love and support each other.  Today was their last get together of the year due to Christmas activities and as such their Christmas Party.  Guess what we participated in at the Christmas party.........Card Making!!!!

I did have to fix a couple of these when I got home as some ink ran, but otherwise I LOVE these cards.  They made me happy not only making them but also being with other people who are so super supportive of each other.

For my family, my friends, and for all the support I have received this past year and the ability to really and truly look forward to Christmas this year (not just going through the motion like last year) I am so very truly Grateful.

I hope this inspires your own creativity.......I know mine has been sparked again ☺