Monday, 29 August 2016

Kathy's Quilt

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Allow me to introduce you to a project that I am referring to as Kathy's Quilt.  Recently my friend Sharon at 4 Paws Quilting brought in a whole array of solid colored flannel.  Two of the colors were navy and white!

If you were to look in my closet right now you would find at least 10 Ralph LaurenPolo, and or Chaps navy and white striped shirts; the other 5 or so shirts are in the laundry.  I am a huge fan of the navy and white color combo dating back to childhood.  I had several navy and white frocks growing up and at one point a navy and white church coat!

"Sew" I decided to make myself a quilt out of this flannel:

There are about 6 more rows to place on this quilt and then it is off to 4 Paws Quilting for the long arming.  I think I will back it with navy Minky and maybe ask for it to be quilted with anchors!

I showed a picture of this last week to my colleague who spends her day not only looking at my navy and white striped shirts but also my navy and white striped lunch bag.  Her response was "do you have multiples of these too?"  We all laughed.  

Now to get this finished so that I can put on my navy and white Sperry shoes and get this out the door to 4 Paws! ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Sunday, 28 August 2016

I've Got a Sock Crush...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

After our monthly dinner with my iBFF and her family last night kiddo and I came home full and tired.  Had the best sleep I have had in a LONG time (yes it was more than the usual 4 hours).

Waking up late this morning I had big plans for the day but after decided to empty everything out of my bedroom and dust and wash and vacuum everything my mojo depleted rapidly.

After lunch kiddo and I headed out to see Ice Age Collision Course (somehow we still had not seen it).

Afterwards we had a dinner of left overs from the dinner party last night including pumpkin cake (thank you Sharon and family).  

Since it was evening and I am on vacation I decided to sit down with my first ever box of Sock Crush.  I have subscribed to this for a three month duration just to see how I like it.  Most likely I can keep up with and use the sock yarn.

Here is what I got in my first subscription:

I love the colors of this yarn and the bonus nail polish was a nice surprise as it is a color that if I were to wear nail polish I would use.

Looking forward to next months subscription!

This evening I cast on and am currently 6 rows into this sock pattern ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Friday, 26 August 2016

Finally Friday!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!!!

WOW!  It is finally Friday.....I was seriously doubting that this day would finally arrive.  So far this week I have had one day off.

One of my goals this year is to try and remember to take time for myself.  I do a really awesome job of taking excellent care of others, my family, my friends, my patients but at the end of the day I just do not set aside time for me.  

Unfortunately that has been most of this week.  This evening I decided that I would take some time to enjoy the wonderful fabrics in my sewing room.  Yesterday my friend and neighbour of 4 Paws Quilting got ready a couple of kits for me with the newest line of fabric she has brought in; Scandi 3.

One of the prints looks like this:

Originally we were not sure what to do with it but over the next few days you will see some of the ways I have decided to use this row of fabric.

This evening I chose to do the easiest idea I hatched:

I made a table runner that measures 33 x 15".

If you look closely I even put in a piping border with the red!!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Monday, 22 August 2016

Quilting Along....

Good Afternoon Internet Friends!

Today is my turn around day as I am back to work Days tomorrow.  Usually I have two days to turn myself around but for some reason I decided to pick up a shift tomorrow way back when to let a colleague go on vacation.  Noble of me maybe, but now I don't think it was such a good idea.

"Sew" far today I have accomplished a whole lot of nothing other than I did manage to get another Row By Row completed:


This row is from Piece By Peace Quilting in Fort St. John.

I have now almost completed 4 blocks for this project, only the embroidery on one block:

The blocks are:
Quilter's Dream in Edmonton (vertical left row)

Ben Franklin Crafts in Havre (top row)

The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw (middle row)

I think my summer adventure scrapbook quilt is coming along amazing and I cannot wait to see what the blocks all look like when I assemble them!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Stone...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was my first day back at work this week and it was a long and tough one.

Sunday morning we woke up and decided to go out for brunch in St. Albert .  It was delicious as usual but towards the end of the meal I started to get an ominous back pain.....I hoped that we could get home and I could take my medications in time and avoid going to the Emergency Department.

Unfortunately by the time we were home I was in full blown pain!!  It was off to the Emergency Department.

I was diagnosed with a 5 mm kidney stone!  OMG that hurt.  Worse than the last one as far as I can remember ☺

I was so fortunate that my very dear friend came and stayed with me as hubby took kiddo home to bed. It was early Monday morning before she and I left the hospital.

Monday was spent sleeping and taking pain medications.  I am still not sure if it has actually gone or if the pain I feel now is just residual pain or if the stone has just nested somewhere.

Yesterday was my Birthday and it went off without a lot of celebration simply due to the pain.

Hubby did his best to bake a cake:

It turned out pretty good for short notice from the grocery store ☺

We went out for dinner but it was short as well as I did not have much of an appetite or want to sit for very long...

Arriving home and tucking into bed I decided I would work on an easy knitting project I started about 3 years ago:

It's a Waffle Knit Dish Cloth that I finished this evening.

Now it's off to bed as I agreed to pick up a shift tomorrow at a clinic I used to work at.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Saturday, 13 August 2016

It's Saturday!!!!

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Today I had BIG plans to do nothing.  It was going to be a relaxing sleep in kind of Saturday.

Unfortunately the workers who are putting in the new gas lines were in my back yard at 0632 hours this morning.  Now I guess they did not start the jack hammers etc til 0805 but the trucks were outside running, they were planning their day, and unloading equipment and in general making a lot of noise at a very early hour.  I tried to go to sleep in another part of the house but that was no help.

After breakfast my son and I did some house work, then cut the grass, weeded the side gardens and tidied up the flower beds.

After lunch I took him for a hair cut.  Beat the back to school rush.

Then it was dinner time and after dinner we went out for a bike ride (sans puppy):

The city looked really pretty this evening:

Arriving home I decided that I would take some time to myself this evening and do some quilting.  Currently I am working on the 2016 Row by Row blocks that I have:

This row is from Piece by Peace Quilts (okay I still LOVE this name) in Fort St. John.  
Off to do a little knitting before bed and hopefully the pipeline guys take Sunday off!!!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Thursday, 11 August 2016

Building Log Cabin.....Quilt Blocks

Good Evening Internet Friends!

My work week is finally finished!  I am super excited to be done for this week as I have come home with a headache every night this week due to the stress on my eye.  

This evening after dinner and walking the dog I took some time and went down to my craft room to work on my  Row By Row  blocks from Piece By Peace in Fort St. John.  I love the name of this shop because it is "sew" clever it combines quilting and geography in its very name!

"Sew" far I this evening I have made almost four of the six blocks I need to make to form this row:


Now I shall go rest my eyes, most people would go to sleep, but not me! ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...