Saturday, 18 March 2017

Saturday Crazy....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Woke up this morning still with pain in the kidney area but could still function so got on with my day!

Took my son to swimming and while there got a call from the house alarm company that the motion sensor had been set off!!!!  OMG.

Seemed to take forever for them to get back to me that they could not find anything wrong with the house.  Whew.....

Arrived home and found everything fine but I decided it was time to actually fix the front door lock.  So, I have now taught my son to fix door locks with a Phillips Screwdriver, a sock and a hiking shoe.   I could not find any of the very expensive tools that are owned in this household.  Thankfully I had a screwdriver hidden in my craft room.  The sock was to keep the door from getting scuffed while I used a steel heeled hiking shoe as a hammer!!!!  The door works great now.  I keep opening and closing it just cause I like the sound of the door opening ......and closing!  So proud of myself.

Since it was Saturday my son decided we should have pizza.  While making the dough I told him that the mom's group at church tomorrow would be making pizza pockets for their children's lunch.  Apparently my son had no idea what these things were.  So, we made a smaller pizza (it only had to feed two of us dinner) and made 6 pizza pockets:

Yummy!!!  Now hopefully I did not over stuff these and make too large for his wide mouth thermos☺

This evening I spent a bit of time in my craft room and made another 10 of the Anne of Green Gables Quilt Blocks from 4 Paws Quilting:

This now brings me to 22 of the 30 blocks for the quilt.  Hoping that I can finish it tomorrow as I really want to get it off to 4 Paws Quilting for the longarming portion of this ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Friday, 17 March 2017

PD (Pretty Darn Fun) Day...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was a PD Day for my son.  After sleeping late and then eating breakfast we headed out for some FUN!

One of the first places we stopped was Donut Party!  We arrived a little late so our choices were limited.  We got a half dozen of Mint Rocky Road.  These doughnuts are HUGE!  The size of a newborn's head:

There are two left as we both ate one (I ate part of mine - my son at his and the rest of mine), we gave 2 to the neighbours and these will be breakfast (?) tomorrow...

We stopped at another place that is all about local made products and crafts and some yarn.....not much there.  I did buy a skein of yarn that was kind of pretty mostly because I felt sorry for the place.  No plans to go back there.

Then it was on to Zwick's Pretzels somehow I did not manage to get a plain picture without either my son or my face being stuffed with one of these, but they were DELICIOUS and I WILL go back there.

A quick stop at River City Yarns for their in house brand of worsted weight wool for a project I have decided I MUST do.

Then we headed home as my kidney stone was starting to bother me.

I had great intentions of finishing the Anne of Green Gables quilt kit that I got at 4 Paws Quilting as Sharon will be out doing a Pop Up Shop tomorrow.  Alas, because of the kidney pain I only accomplished 6 blocks today:

That will be all for this evening as I am medicating in advance as I really do not want to spend the night in the emergency. ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Cluckin' Along.....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Worked an evening shift this evening so by the time I got home there was not a lot of time for any kind of sewing.

I did however get another of the Flock of Geese Blocks done using up more of my scrap fabric:


Tomorrow is a PD Day for my son so he and I will be off on BIG adventures no doubt.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

One More...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Super busy day today so after my son went to bed I took a little time to myself in my craft room.

Made another of the Anne of Green Gables blocks with the fabric I got from 4 Paws Quilting:


Now it's off to sleep for me as today will be another long day. ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Another One.....

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

Tuesday is the craziest of days in our household so my quilting time is at a premium and sometimes non existent.

Tuesdays are get home from work, make dinner, get to piano lessons and Scuba Diving followed by returning home and getting the trash out for Trash Day tomorrow and all the other things for school and work tomorrow☺

After accomplishing these tasks this evening I only had time to make one of my Anne of Green Gables Quilt blocks with the fabric from 4 Paws Quilting:


Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Monday, 13 March 2017

Are You Kidding Me????

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Most years I complain, gripe and whine in general about time change because deep down I believe that nothing good can come from this event.  Yesterday, I took it my stride and was positive and even productive.

Fast forward to today.... as I prepare to leave my house I find out that the door knob will not turn!!!!  I am truly stuck in my house no matter how hard I try to turn the knob.  I use the back door to go around to the front door and try from the outside!  It is seriously stuck.  My son on the inside and I on the outside try turning the door knob....NOTHING..

Now, I am running late for work and I begin the frantic search through the mystery box of random keys in the house to find a key for the back door....eventually I found one that sort of fits but you really have to wiggle to get the door to open.  Better than nothing so off to work!

After picking my son up from school we came home and thankfully gained entry through the back door.

I decided to unscrew the door knob and found that the slider piece was totally jammed inside which meant I had to use every tool including the butter knife to get it out.

Off to the hardware store to get some parts and we now have an operational front door and at least know where the key to the back door is!!!

That left very little crafting time.  I managed to make one more of my Anne of Green Gables blocks with the fabric from 4 Paws Quilting:


Now it's off to bed as tomorrow is another work day ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


Sunday, 12 March 2017

A 4 Paws Kind of Day....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was slightly more productive than yesterday despite being time change day which usually wrecks havoc with my day and psyche. 

I managed to get all the laundry washed, folded and put away!!!  YAY ME!!! ☺

House cleaning also done!  Bonus points here.....

Then I baked Andes Mint Chip Cookies.  I used the recipe on the package but I think for our dry Western Canadian climate next time I will add less flour than what the recipe calls for.  That being said though the cookies are still DELICIOUS:

The recipe made 52 cookies but as you can see a Cookie Monster found them.....

For dinner I made baked sweet potatoes topped with taco beef and toppings which is one of my son's favourite dinners:

He even eats the skin of the sweet potato when served this way .....Super Health Benefits...+++

After dinner I took kiddo and his horse dog for a walk in the -14 Celsius (7 Fahrenheit) temperature and with the windchill it was more like -27 Celsius (-17 Fahrenheit).  Returning home I even shovelled the side walk (I live on a corner lot so extra BONUS points for me for that)!!!!

After getting my son off to bed and organising lunches and such for tomorrow I took a bit of time to spend in my craft room.

As you likely know by now my dear friend and neighbour has started 4 Paws Quilting.  While I still quilt as hobby I now sometimes can request quilt things and or when she brings in new things I get to see and or try them out ☺  Plus her store hours are convenient for me.....I can show up with cookies and get in the door ☺

Yesterday I showed you the Anne Of Green Gables fabric I requested.  This evening I made 2 more blocks for the quilt:


I love how these are coming along.

This evening I also used another couple of items that I asked Sharon to stock at 4 Paws Quilting.  The Soak line of products.  I love the Scentless Flatter spray because it has NO fragrance.  The other scents are light and smell delicious but I am not sure how my asthma would react to the scent when using the iron.  

What I love most about the spray is that when the block is complete I lightly mist the back side of the block, turn it over to press the seams and get PERFECT sized blocks!!!! 

In addition to the spray I also asked for the Scentless Hand Cream.  It is very smooth on the hands after a day of household chores, being outside and working with fabric.

For my sewing this evening I also used another item from 4 Paws Quilting and that was a Pre Wound Bobbin.  When I first saw these I lazy do you have to be to not be able to wind a bobbin?  Recently Sharon convinced me to try a package of these.  I got 100 pre wound white bobbins for $25 (GST included)!!!  When I did the math I decided that at $0.25 a bobbin it might just be worth it...have rationalised that my stitching thread will last longer now. ☺

I sewed both of the above blocks tonight completely uneventfully.  Who would have thought that $0.25 of a bobbin would be so peaceful!  Another +++ for today.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...