Friday, 9 June 2017

I'm Back.......

Good Evening Internet Friends!

As you can see I have been a little delinquent on the blog posts of late.  That is because very late a week ago Thursday I decided to move my craft room back into the room it had been in previously.  I had been moved out of the room to accommodate for the Mother In Law coming to visit several years ago.  Since she will no longer becoming to visit I decided it was time to take back my original craft room ☺

I had NO idea how much "stuff" aka junk had accumulated in that room over time.  Several blue bags, a couple of garbage bags and 4 garbage bags for donations I am almost completely moved and set up.

This evening I decided that I would do a quick easy project that I could complete and feel like I had done something in my newly acquired space ☺

I made a Dish Towel with a purchased 100% Twill Fabric Dish Towel from 4Paws Quilting & Knitting.  I made this one specifically for the barbecue due to the colour.  Since it is destined for the barbecue I chose a "Dad" appropriate fabric:

I am saying that this Dish Towel is for the Super Cool(Crew) Dad! ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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